Rolf’s This Friday


I’ll be in Warren NJ at Rolf’s from 9:00 til’ late this Friday 8/29.  I’ve got my friend Jeff Page playing some guitar along side me this time.  He really burns!  Come hear him!   See you Friday!

Silverface Bassman Project

photo 3-3

Recently I picked up a late 60’s Silverface Bassman on Ebay for a steal.  Actually most of these amps on Ebay are a steal for around $400-$500.   A vintage point to point wired amplifier for that price is a fine example of market inefficiency and probably won’t be for long as the bad mojo surrounding the “silverface amp era” at Fender starts to fade and rightly so.

With a little TLC and a lot of help from Mike Pascale over at Vintage Fender Amp Repair I was able to turn my Bassman 50 into a drool worthy tone machine.  I picked up VFAR’s “Blackface Mod”, “Electrolytic Recap”, “Tweed Mod” (for the Bass Instrument Channel) and “Jupiter Signal Cap Upgrade” kits.  Admittedly I was a bit intimidated as this was my first venture into any sort of amp modification but was pleasantly surprised with the detailed instructions that came with each kit.  Mike was also more than helpful as is evident by our long email chain.

I’ve owned, own, and play a wide variety of amps including a few Fender reissues.  The Fender RI’s will most likely make their way over to Ebay over the next month as they really don’t compare to my revamped Bassman.  I’m in love with it’s big fat harmonically rich classic Fender tones.  They’ll surely be heard on many projects going forward from hear on out.  Stay tuned!!  Thanks Mike!