Fender Princeton Reverb Rebuild

photo 2-4

Once again I find myself diving into another Fender amp rebuild.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my 69 Bassman since finishing it a few months ago.  It’s an amazing piece of gear!  I loved it so much I needed more but different (So goes the vicious cycle of a gear nut).   I picked up a 1977 Fender Princeton Reverb in need of some TLC.

photo 1-3

When I got the PR it was all original from what I could tell.  Which included signal and electrolytic capacitors that were well past their prime,  a few noisy resistors, and the biggest issue of them all a circuit board that was severely warped.

 photo 4-2

I picked up a new eyelet board from mojotone.com and once again Mike at Vintage Fender Amp Repair helped me with the new components from his “Silverface Overhaul kit” which included all I needed to get the PR back into tip top shape.  After removing the old board I repopulated the components onto the new fiberboard before soldering everything back into place.

photo 3

After about a week of breaking it in I can say I’m thoroughly enjoying this little amp.  It’s one of those pieces of gear when you play it you have realize you’ve heard that sound before on records from the past.  I love those “now I get it” moments.  It’s a great addition to my stable of gear and I can’t wait to put it on a record for all to hear.  Stay tuned…

photo 5