Round and Round – Return to Records

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Recently on impulse I picked up a bunch of vinyl records from a local rummage sale.  For about 2 to 3 bucks a piece I scored about a dozen classic records…Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Who, Clapton and a few others.  I then rushed home and relieved my issue of being void of a turntable on Amazon.  2 days later it got here!!   (Ohhhh free 2 day shipping how I love thee.)  I could finally quit staring at these records and listen…really listen.

I’m not here to scrap over whether or not a vinyl record sounds “better” as that’s being hashed out right now online and off but I am here to argue for the experience.  Don’t get me wrong I love my iPod and the ease of use and quantity of choices it affords me at literally my fingertips but it’s just those qualities that simultaneously rob me of something special.

The experience and lack of efficiency of vinyl is missing.  The smell, the feel of it in your hands, and the artwork…the glorious artwork!…so vivid and exciting when it’s freed from it’s 4×4 inch plastic shell or it’s pixilated thumbnail crowded out by distraction.  Oh yes distraction.  That’s what I like about these records the most.  The clunkiness and lack of choice once you’ve placed the album and dropped the needle is what I dig the most.  Get this!!…I have to listen to almost an entire album in order in the way it was intended by the artist.  I can’t skip or fast forward with ease or hit shuffle and caress my rampant ADD.  I just listen because that’s all I can do and in the end as that needle clicks back into place it just feels better.  It feels more sacred more intimate than what I’ve been using my music for over the past decade or two.  Hmmm….what to listen to next?