This Record Changed My Life – The Basement Tapes


In 1967 Bob Dylan and The Band (then known as The Hawks after spending years on the road backing Ronnie Hawkins) recorded a number of tunes in and around Woodstock NY.  They wrote and tracked a number of songs but eventually settled on the 24 that made the record.

The raw sound and energy on these recordings to me represent an unabashed freedom of expression and collaboration that I often daydream about.  Six musicians living in proximity of one another with nothing to do but write, play, and record…and with the skills to pull it all off… artistic Nirvana.  I’m sure I’m romanticizing the actual truth but hell what does it matter.  That’s what this collection does for me and I routinely bask in it.

I would suggest listening to each song from beginning to end but if you feel the need to skip around go to Yazoo Street Scandal, Don’t You Tell Henry, Aint’ No More Cane, or Crash on The Levee.  Hope it does for you what it’s done for me!!