Cover of the Week #1 “20/20 Vision”

Hey y’all here is the first installment of my “Cover of the Week” series.  For the next 52 weeks I’ll be learning and posting a new cover tune.  I’m very excited about doing this and I’d love for you to get involved as well.  If there’s a song you’d like me to do let me know.  Leave your request in the comments section of this site or youtube.  You can also send your requests to  I can’t promise I’ll do them all but I’d love to hear and be inspired by your ideas.


My first is a Jimmy Martin song called “20/20 Vision”.  I’ve loved this song ever since I heard Bruce Hornsby do a solo version in Princeton NJ a few years back.  I had a “WHAT IS THAT SONG!?!?” moment.  My version is quite different than his.  A bit closer to the original tradition.  I hope you like it!